Costa Rica is aware of  foreing tourism participation in sexual exploitation of children and youth under the age of 18, and it is determined to enforce the law with most severity on these crimes



“Maybe some of them don’t beat me up, but instead, insult me or say mean things to me, so it happens on the street and even the woman next door hates me… I say one thing:

The world is always turning and sooner or later you get to pay with what hurts you the most.”

14 years old victim of sexual exploitation.

Forget your misconceptions about cultural acceptance of Sexual exploitation, anywhere it happens is a real crime with real victims.


a third of the children who are victims of sexual exploitation are abused by a foreigner
41% of the underage girls victims of sexual exploitation have mothered at least one child

In our country we care about our children just as much as you do in yours. The harm that sexual exploitation brings to our children deserves the full enforcement of the law.

The Consequences

Legal And Ethical 
• Violation of their fundamental rights to dignity, freedom and sexual indemnity 


• Alterations in their psycho-sexual development 
• Shame and guilt feelings that lead to a low self esteem and a negative self image 
• Alcoholism and drugs addictions as means to evade or tolerate the exploitation 
• Depression 
• Self destructive behaviours
• Mistrust and difficulty to believe in others.

• Cervix Cancer, Aids and STD’s 
• Unwanted Pregnancies 
• Early aging 
• Alcoholism and drugs addictions 
• Physical agression and early deaths

• Use of violence as a mean to solve problems 
• Humiliation and exclusion


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